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Tree Climbing Competition in Budapest, Hungary

In a very cozy atmosphere with lots of old and new friends, this tree days championship was one of the best events I took part in recent years.

The beautiful park N├ępliget, was home to the III. Tree Climbing Hungarian Championships on 26-27 August 2017.

amous-wood-care competitions are held in many countries around the world, as well as Europe and world championships. The stakes of the tournaments imitate everyday work, with the exception that woodcutting does not happen. Competitors must have 5 points to compare their skills, equipment and speed.

This is the third tree climbing championship in Hungary.. The Hungarian Tree Climbing Association also played an important role in the inauguration of the competitions. The two previous championships were hosted by the City of Szeged, but we decided for each championship to be held every year at a new venue.

The Hungarian racers put their cards in a number of European competitions.

The event was very colorful, interesting and environmentally friendly. There were lectures, programs and presentations. The number of participants was about 300.

Short description of race stations:

Work climb

The Imitated Workout Contest tries to present a real job. There are four workstations in the crown and one point on the ground, ie a total of five stations. The stations must be accessed as quickly as possible, so judges will monitor safe movement and work.

Aerial rescue

In partnership, a puppet imitates the injured on the tree. The extent of injury is always revealed to the racers before the race. It is important for the injured to get to the ground within 7 minutes and imitate the injuries properly. Judges are judging not only speed but also proper treatment with the injured.

Insured fast climb (Belayed speedclimb)

Climbing with a high security insurance, on a pre-designated route on the tree. Similar to barking. The end of the road is marked by the bell sounding at a height of 18m. The fastest winner will win this event.


The footlock means climbing on a rope with a leg key technique. This technique is a tradition of fame. It requires possession, concentration and high physical fitness from the competitor. The performance of the station is affected by the bell at the height of 15m. The fastest winner will win this event.

Throw line

Throwing weight and cord is one of the most important techniques in wood care. By this method, we put the rope into the crown of the tree up to 25-30 meters height. In the tournament, a branch of varying degrees will be assigned to the tree, into which the rider will need to pull the ropes. The event has a plus point for speed, but it also contains a minus point, for example, if a competitor ejects a small branch from the tree or throws it out of the designated area.

Locatipon: N├ępligeti park, Budapest, Hungary. https://her.is/2vZgPzh